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SEASREP mourns death of Founding Member Prof. Dato Shaharil Talib

With deep sadness, the SEASREP Foundation announces the passing of Prof. Dato Shaharil Talib, a founding member of SEASREP. Prof. Shaharil drafted the original blueprint for SEASREP's promotion of Southeast Asian studies in the region through language training, postgraduate study, collaborative research and various other forms of regional exchange. He was a leading light of the organization in its early crucial years, and many of his ideas shaped what SEASREP is today. We fondly called him our "man in black," which was the only color he wore. His sense of humor and innovative perceptions are sorely missed.


Yekti Maunati

It is very sad news. I convey my deepest condolences. He was such a brilliant person and very helpful in many ways. He was always giving great ideas to develop Southeast Asian studies. Rest in peace Prof Shaharil.

Miriam Coronel-Ferrer

Sad to hear about Dr Shaharil’s passing. He was unconventional in many ways and he had big ideas that he took pains to realize. I remember his sense of humour and irony, and a presence that made conversations with him really interesting.

Diana Wong

It is testament to Prof Shaharil’s stature that his passing is felt by so many in the regional academic community, but we in Malaysia mourn the loss of a passionate nationalist historian and inspirational mentor to a generation of younger academics. We shall miss him.

Bambang Purwanto

Really sad to know about the passing away of Dato Shaharil Talib, who made us always proud and confident to be Southeast Asian scholars.

Thanet Aphornsuvan

Very sad with the passing of Shaharil, his passion and determination in the approach of Southeast Asian studies greatly inspired my fascination in the region.

Ma. Mercedes Planta

H-Net Southeast Asia (SEA) will also pay tribute to Prof. Shaharil. I am preparing a write-up with his publications. Social Science Diliman (SSD), the flagship journal for the social sciences of UP Diliman, will also have a tribute for him on our homepage.

Charnvit Kasetsiri

Yes, Shaharil was a great character with a lot of ideas and inspiration. Without him we would not have good contributions to Southeast Asian Studies for our Southeast Asians beyond boundaries. My last and pleasant meeting with him was at his wonderful house outside Kuala Lumpur. I will surely miss him: Our Man in Black.

Taufik Abdullah

I can't say anything--suddenly I feel as if his smiling face is already in front of me. Have simply lost my words. I can tell a number of funny but intelligent stories about him.

Yes, I remember the time I first met him. He--the new Ph.D. in history--had just returned to K.L. and became a member of the Steering Committee of the IAHA Conference. That was the time when we began our friendship. After that we met several times in some international conferences and we were also together for several months at the Kyoto Center for SEA Studies. At one time--two or three years later--just by chance both of us were invited by the Nippon Foundation to attend a series of seminar in Tokyo, Kyoto and in a small town near the Fuji mountain (I forgot the name of the beautiful small town). But there was a day when we had a free time--that was the day when Shahril asked me to go to the office of the Toyota Foundation, and--the rest is history.

I was really very sad when at one time we met in a wedding party in Jakarta. He was still joyful but Shahril had become a different person. May God bless you Shahril. I can never forget our friendship and--certainly not--your great ideas and dreams.

Ruth McVey

I was so very sorry to hear (belatedly, owing to internet problems) of the death of the 'Man in Black.' It is hard to imagine: Shaharil was always so vital, full of inventiveness and humor, And an excellent scholar to boot. He can't be replaced, but his memory can help inspire students to feel that history (and historians) needn't be boring, and that they can do something to illuminate the world.

With many thoughts of past good times and arguments.

SEASREP mourns death of Board Member Prof. Yoneo Ishii

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Prof. Yoneo Ishii, a highly respected scholar, adviser, trustee, and friend of SEASREP since the founding of the organization in 1995. All these years we counted on his wise counsel, his unstinting support, and his persistent efforts to keep SEASREP going amid various challenges. Prof. Ishii not only walked the extra mile; his wit and humor kept our discussions alive. We were privileged to have worked with him and will miss him.

You may share your condolences, thoughts, and memories through this link.

A Buddhist Memorial Service for Professor Ishii Yoneo in Bangkok. For details, click here


Diana Wong

Prof Ishii was a gentleman scholar of the old school and an inspiration to all those who knew him, even slightly. His passing is a great loss to the SEAsian community of scholars, to whom he contributed so much.

Ruth McVey

What terrible news! Though I was prepared for the worst with the announcement that Prof. Ishii was to have a heart operation, his subsequent e-mail to you was so positive and full of his habitual energy that it seemed impossible he would not fully recover and continue to be SEASREP's invaluable source of advice and support. Indeed, though I'd known him for some four decades, he had never seemed to age--never lost his drive, his optimism, his sense of humour, his understanding and his willingness to help. But alas, his time came too. His passing is a great loss for those who knew him, for SEASREP as an organization, and for scholarship on Southeast Asia; I hope, though, that his memory will serve us as a continuing source of inspiration and strength.

Mya Than

Our condolence to the family of Prof Ishii.We lost one of the top academics in the world.I feel so sorry for his demise.

Alan Feinstein

This is a terrible loss to SE Asian studies worldwide. He was a remarkable man and a great friend and supporter to many, many scholars and friends, of all ages and places. He will be sorely missed and very fondly remembered.

Yekti Maunati

It is very sad condolence to his family.

Melani Budianta

I felt the loss of [Prof. Ishii] very dearly. I got to know Prof. Ishii personally only during the two years I was serving as the SEASREP selection committee. However, I was so deeply impressed by his great stature as a scholar, his humble and friendly attitude, his wit and humour, and his gentle leadership. Prof. Ishii will be the inspiration of younger generation of scholars in the region.

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