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27-28 May 1994
Kuala Lumpur

Taufik Abdullah (Indonesia Institute of Sciences), Shaharil Talib (University of Malaya), Thanet Aphornsuvan (representing Charnvit Kasetsiri, Thammasat University), and Maria Serena (Maris) Diokno (University of the Philippines) meet to draft a development plan for Southeast Asian studies in Southeast Asia by Southeast Asians.

Toyota Foundation supports the meeting.

8-9 September
Tokyo, Japan

Taufik, Charnvit, Shaharil and Maris finalize the blueprint for Southeast Asian studies.

27-28 January
Ayutthaya, Thailand

SEASREP is born! The council is formed and four grant programs are established: language training, postgraduate study, visiting professors, and collaborative research.

The council agrees to invite five universities in the region as partners to facilitate the exchange and study program: University of Malaya, Thammasat university, University of the Philippines Diliman, University of Indonesia, and Gadjah Mada University.

Partnership with the Toyota Foundation is formally established.

4-5 August
Badung, Indonesia

The 1st batch of SEASREP grantees is selected.

Yoneo Ishii and Ruth McVey join SEASREP as consultants.

The Japan Foundation Asian Center comes in as partner.

11-12 November
Manila, Philippines

The Council draws up its vision for Southeast Asian Studies, an important component of which is the formation of a network of Southeast Asian scholars in the region.

A regional conference on What the 20th Century Has Meant to Southeast Asia is planned.


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